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Just listened to the Podcast (and by the Podcast I mean the Stone Cold Podcast available on the WWE Network for a low low price of $9.99) and then listened to RRR and wanted to make a comment about kicking out of finishers.  It's a little ironic when Stone Cold, who is my favorite wrestler, talks about kicking out of finishers.  False finishes were a big part of all 3 of Stone Cold/Rock Wrestlemania matches.  I think the problem is the way they kick out of the finishers, which RRR touched on.  When Stone Cold hit Rock with a Stunner he then laid there for a few seconds before crawling over for a "weak" pin and the Rock would kick out at the last moment both looking gassed as shit.  With Cena matches, he hits the AA, strong pins with a leg grab, then his opponent kicks out at 1 and 1/2, and then they switch roles.

My point is that you can still sell a finisher and have it kicked out of (see Taker/Michaels Mania) in an appropriate way.

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