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Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that sources within Ring Rust Radio told him that their upcoming episode would include talk about Payback, Donald Wood would wax poetic about Bray Wyatt, Brandon Galvin and Mike Chikari would complain about Donald, there would be some smarks saying stuff, RAW would be discussed and there would be some Elimination Chamber chatter. Meltzer furthered noted that they would also bust some dirt sheets, most of which will curiously come from him despite his high journalistic standards.

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Korey C Dowell
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Does anyone know if Ms. Yamaguchi-san (Shian-Li Tsang) is the Director of Marketing at Dick's Sporting Goods (Shian-Li McQuire)?

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Damen Helsing
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How did he know that?!? Someone must have been leaking information... I'm sensing a heel turn by Donald Wood, and he joins the obswerver!
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