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As I'm sure anyone reading this would know, Bryan is one of the hosts of the upcoming Tough Enough. In light of that should he be stripped of the IC title?

I say yes. Honestly, I feel the WWE is stalling now, and has been for a number of weeks, when what they should do is strip the belt from Bryan. I'm not utterely convince the King of the Ring tournament came about as a stall tactic for the IC champion, much like the whole Neville/Ziggler/Sheamus/Barrett fiasco happening currently.

It just feels to me like Sheamus/Ziggler was meant to be a standalone feud, and now it is a holdover for Barrett and well Neville, who appears to be a fortunate benefactor of the injury.

Additionally, I never believed the IC championship was needed with Bryan, and frankly his role on Tough Enough does more than enough to keep him relevant while recoving.

Sadly (from my perspective) the fact the WWE gave him a role on Tough Enough suggests to me that they will NOT strip him of the IC championship. Well anyways I think he should be stripped,  what do you all think?

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Mike Chiari
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If he's going to be out for MITB, then I would strip him. I'm not confident that they'd do anything to make the IC title important anyway, but there's no point in keeping it on him if he can't defend it for three PPV's in a row. He can always win it right back when he returns.

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After Bryan was stripped of the IC Title, on the latest episode of RRR DOnald Wood noted that this is yet more evidence that D-Bry is being buried. He also noted that Bryan is still in Booker's Fave Five.

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