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Wednesday Wrestling Minutes notes, April 27-May 11

Posted on May 22, 2016 at 11:30 AM

I've been slacking putting these up in a timely manner so here are NXT and Lucha Underground episode notes for the episodes of April 27, May 4 and May 11.



NXT, 4/27

This episode is also from the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Center. They reference the fact that Joe won the title and probably won’t do much else besides show the title change.


Asuka is the first out to the ring with her newly won Womens title. She takes on Eva Marie. Eva is by herself, no Nia JAx at her side. So basically Asuka is gonna have to sell for Eva, which is an absurd concept.

Eva starts off by running from Asuka, jumping out of the ring and having the ref back off Asuka. After they lock up, Asuka easily wins the exchanges and kicks Eva hard in the back. Asuka mocks Eva and puts her down with a running hip attack then takes Eva down by the arm but she gets to the ropes.

Asuka almost looks bored, having to work at about half speed with someone like Eva. The ref starts the count after Asuka sends Eva to the floor and then Nia is at ringside, helping up Eva.

Back from a break, Eva is somehow in control of Asuka in the ring. Asuka having to sell for Eva is ridiculous. Asuka fights to her feet and misses a hip attack and Eva puts her down with a forearm. Eva holds Asuka down on the mat with a terribly applied move but Asuka back up and quickly leaps to the top and they’re both down after a missile drop kick.

They trade forearms in the middle of the ring and Asuka lights up Eva with a series of kicks.and Asuka gets the win with a spinning head kick.

Nia gets in the ring and stands over Eva and Asuka throws a spinning kick right past her face but Nia doesn’t look scared. They stare each other down and Nia helps Eva up and they exit the ring.


Next, clips of Joe beating Balor in Massachusetts for the NXT title. 292 days for Balor’s reign, the longest reign yet.

Afterward, Joe says that him winning the title was inevitable and that so far Balor has merely survived. But tonight, he didnt.


The Revival up next for the first time since losing the tag belts, taking on some jobber team. WAIT WHAT - THAT’S FUCKING 3.0! HOLY SHIT! They’re announced as “Matt Lee and Jeff Parker” but I would recognize Scott “Jagged” Parker and Shane “Big Magic” Matthews anywhere.

Dash and Dawson work over Parker to start as Shane Mathews yells from his corner. Dash flips Parker up in a powerbomb and Dawson bulldog him to the mat. Dawson throws Parker into his corner so Lee can tag in, and Dawson immediately starts putting the boots to him.

The Revival whip Lee into the ropes and Shatter Machine for the win. The Revival continue to beat down 3.0 afterward. Dawson gets a mic and says theres a reason they’re called the Revival. They’re preaching the sermon on the tag team revolution and it’’s because of them that tag team wrestling is coming back and they’re the best team on the planet. He says they need to have the tag team titles and put all other teams on notice, saying none of them are safe and they won’t stop until they get the titles back.


Hype Bros out to take on Blake and Murphy. But Alexa Bliss isn’t with Blake and Murphy so I really don’’t care about this.

Rawley easily taking control of Blake early, using his football skills to outsmart him. Ryder gets the tag and also doing well, even once Murphy tags in.

Ryder dropkicks them out of the ring and when he tries to get back in, Blake holds his foot allowing Murphy to kick his knee and they start working over the leg of Ryder.

Rawley gets the tag and bowls over Murhpy with several shoulder tackles. Blake tags himself in and Rawley uses him to kick Murphy out of the ring. Hype Bros pin Blake with a Hype Ryder.

Afterward, The Revival attack the HYpe Bros from behind on the ramp.


Carmella out next and her music puts the crowd to sleep. That and the prospect of seeing Carmella wrestle also probably put them to sleep. Her mannerisms and delivery are so much more suited toward being a heel, it doesn’t make sense that they insist she’s a good guy. It’s almost the same exact deal with Reigns - pushed despite limited in-ring ability and much more suited to being a heel yet they’re presented as faces.

Carmella is set to take on Aliyah. Carmella showboats early but it’s Aliyah taking over, using a full nelson to keep Carms on the mat. Aliyah cross body into the corner and drops the leg from the second rope.

Carmella reverses Aliyah and throws some punches, followed by a Thesz press and a rana from the corner. Carmella bronco buster and flatliner into the figure four choke for the win.


Main event time - Elias Samson taking on Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura keeps Samson off balance using his unique strikes but maybe showboats too much and Samson puts him down with a lariat.

Samson raking a the eyes of Nakamura and sends him to the ropes where Nakamura meets him with a knee. Samson suplex and a 2 count.

After Nakamura catches Samson and sends a knee into his midsection on the ropes, he throws Samson with an inverted exploder. As Samson struggles to his feet, Nakamura hits the Kinshasa for the win, making it look easy.





NXT, 5/4

New NXT champion Samoa Joe opens NXT TV this week. Looks like we’re back in the NXT Zone too. Gets a mixed reaction. Lots of cheering and chants for Joe, but you can hear lots of booing as well.

Joe says before you is a man who keeps his word. Despite the best efforts of former champion Finn Balor, Joe is like death and taxes - inevitable and your new NXT champion.

Joe says it is a new era, it is his time and if anyone has a problem, he’d be more than happy to beat you down and choke you out. But just then he’s interrupted by...what’s Eric Young doing in the NXT Zone?!

EY says to Joe, you know me and I know you. You’re Samoa Joe, a wrecking machine, baddest man in the land. The NXT Champion. EY says he also knows the only thing guaranteed in life is change. EY says he collects championships. Things changed for Joe and now they’re gonna change for EY.

Joe gets in EY’s face and stares him down, but walks off without doing anything. When Joe is on the ramp, he turns around and says EY doesn’t belong in the same ring as him and next time they’re in the same ring, Joe is gonna beat his ass.


First match of the night, Tessa Blanchard heads to the ring first. Not taking anything away from Tessa since she’s a generational wrestler and talented in her own right, but you gotta believe that WWE is using her so often these days as a way to entice Ricochet back to the company. Tessa takes on Nia Jax.

Nia easily picks up Tessa and launches her into the corner. Tessa tries to fight back with forearms but Nia overpowers her with splashes in the corner and elbows on the mat. After a Samoan drop and a leg drop, Nia gets the win.


Tye Dillinger out to the ring next. It’s too bad they’ll never push him. People really like the Perfect 10, his music is cool and they actually put a little shine into producing his entrance. Unfortunately he’s just a jobber and I don’t see that changing. Dillinger takes on Austin Aries.

Just to prove my point, at the bell, the Full Sail crowd is more interested in chanting “10” for Dillinger than they are for cheering Aries, who is easily the bigger star in this match. Dillinger hits a shoulder tackle and shows Aries the 10, but then Aries take him over with a few arm drags and keeps him on the mat with a chinlock.

A both these guys chant as Aries fires forearms out of the corner but gets caught in a backbreaker and a 1 count for Tye. Dillinger sends him hard into the corner and gets a 2 count.

Aries starts to gain momentum, boxing the ears and hitting a slingshot senton followed by a corkscrew plancha onto Tye and gets a 2 count. Aries rushes into the corner but gets caught with a boot. Tye fireman’s neckbreaker for a 2 count. Tye takes down the knee pads but gets caught with a rolling elbow and a corner dropkick. Aries hits a 450 and gets the pin.

We knew that Aries would win but Dillinger put on a good showing against a vet like Austin Aries.


Recap of The Revival taking out the Hype Bros after a match, setting up for their meeting next.

The Revival work over Ryder early as Mojo is hype on the apron. They keep him in their corner and stomp Ryder in their corner and Dash tags in, hitting Ryder with an uppercut.

Revival is still wearing down Ryder but he finally reverses Dash into the corner and makes the tag to Mojo. Once in, Mojo takes down Dash with shoulder tackles and a big pouce but doesn’t go for a cover. Mojo gets sent off the ropes and Dawson tags in and they hit Mojo with the Shatter Machine and get the win.


Alex Riley backstage interview about facing Shinsuke Nakamura next week. Riley talks some shit that doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t matter anyway because he got released on May 6. Sorry, A-Ry. Go rage at the unemployment office.


No Way Jose heads to the ring next and the Full Sail crowd is really into him. I mean, they usually really like guys who have upbeat, dance-y entrance music.

Jose takes on Noah something or other who doesn’t even get announced. Jose chants in the fashion of Ole chants and Jose dancing the whole time. They lock up and Jose dances his way into dodging a punch and taking Noah down.

Jose baseball wind up punch into a rip cord full nelson slam for the win. After Noah hit Jose in the face, his demeanor changed turned much more serious, showing he’s not just a dancing goof, he can get intense if he needs to.


Kathy Kelly talks to Austin ARies backstage. Aries says Tye Dillinger might be the perfect 10, but he’s on the A Double level which makes him a perfect 20. He says he’s off to a good start in NXT but something feels a bit strange. It seems people don’t know how to respond to Aries and he’s flying under the radar now, but everywhere he’s gone, he always rises to the top.


Finn Balor returns to NXT TV next week. Video package mainly surrounds Balor as the demon and as the champion but shows clips from the title change at a house show.


Main event time - Eric Young takes on Samoa Joe.

They circle each other at the bell, sizing each other up and easing into a tie up. EY takes the arm first but Joe easily reverses him. They trade punches and EY takes down Joe with a dropkick and neckbreaker for a 1 count.

EY still in control, ramming Joe into the corner. But Joe fires up and tosses EY out of the ring over the top rope to the floor. Joe hits the ropes and dives through the ropes nailing EY with a forearm on the ramp.

Joe works over EY in the corner after that big dive on the floor but Joe weather them and flattens EY with a shoulder tackle and gets a 2 count. EY doesn’t give up though, but Joe sends him hard into the corner and follows it with an enzi and a 2 count.

Joe keeps EY on the mat with a claw on the collarbone. EY fights up but Joe with an atomic drop and a senton but only gets a 2 count. It’s been all Joe since the beginning of the match but EY isn’t giving up. EY stuns Joe with a few punches and hits a line in the corner and rushes at Joe but Joe back body drop on the mat to stop EY’s momentum.

EY flips up and over the turnbuckle and stuns Joe, taking him off his feet with a flying forearm. EY suplex Joe and heads to the top landing a big elbow drop but only gets a 2 count. EY sets up for perhaps a piledriver but Joe blocks it. Joe backs up into the corner and EY rushes in but gets caught and put down with a big uranage. Joe backs EY into the corner with several strikes and hits a Muscle Buster. Joe locks up EY in the Kokina Clutch and EY taps but refuses to let go after the bell. The ref trying all he can to get Joe off EY who eventually lets go when he feels like it.





NXT 5/11

Opens with a video package recounting Finn Balor’s rise to the NXT Championship and his feud with Samoa Joe


Not wasting any time, Finn Balor heads to the ring to open NXT TV this week. But his demeanor seems a lot different. He’s not wearing his leather jacket and not doing a flashy entrance. He looks focused as he heads into the ring but also upset since he’s no longer the NXT Champion.

Balor talks about his war with Samoa Joe about how their matches at Takeover could’ve gone either way. He won in London and Dallas and the match in Lowell, Massachusetts could’ve gone either way as well.

But then he’s interrupted by a strumming guitar and Elias Samson walks out onto the stage. The crowd boos quite loudly as he starts playing a song he says he wrote for Finn Balor. Balor looks fed up with his shit as Samson walks into the ring and finishes his song then tells Finn he ain’t nothing without that title. Balor pele kick knocks down Samson and he throws the guitar at Samson who barely catches it. And this was all setting up for Samson vs Balor in the main event tonight.


Cathy Kelly talks to Eric Young about coming to NXT. He says he wants to prove himself against the best and the best are here in NXT. He’s going to prove he belongs and prove he’s a world class man and a world class maniac.


Corey Hollis and John Skylar in the ring next to face American Alpha. Gable locks up with Fat-am Cole to start things off and easily out works him, taking him to the mat and quickly evades the other one (I don’t know which one is actually Fat-am Cole).

Gable tags out to Jordan who uses his size to throw around jobber 2. Gable and Jordan quickly tag in and out, using their amateur skills to keep Hollis on the mat and in their corner. When Hollis almost makes the tag, Skylar tries to intervene but American Alpha work together to keep him out of the ring with dual dropkicks.

After Jordan heads back to his corner, Skylar distracts Gable and the jobber team starts to work together to work over Gable. But Gable eventually hits a overhead belly to belly to make an opening and tag Jordan. As the champs set up for Grand Amplitude, The Revival walk out onto the ramp and distract them. American Alpha stare down The Revival and then hit Grand Amplitude because I guess Hollis and Skylar were just too tired to bother trying to get back into the match with the 20 second break Alpha took to stare down Revival.

After the match, The Revival walk toward the ring and American Alpha lay down the belts, saying come and get them, but The Revival begin to walk away, saying their rematch will be on their time.


“Say it to my face” Alex “Rage” Riley heads to the ring next to take on Shinsuke Nakamura. Riley doesn’t look impressed as the crowd goes crazy for Nakamura. But that’s probably why Nakamura is a huge star and Riley is released.

Riley uses his size and strength to muscle Nakamura around. Nakamura sidesteps him and sends Riley to the floor but he comes back in and hits a dropkick and several hard chops. Riley disrespects Nakamura, slapping him the back of the head when picking him up but Nak unleashes several hard strikes, backing Riley into the ropes and stepping on his face in the ropes.

After several kicks which knock down Riley, Nak puts him on top and knees him in the midsection, hits an inverted exploder and a running Kinshasa for the win.

I hope they start doing something important with Nakamura soon. The initial awe of seeing him debut has worn off and watching him put on relatively the same TV match every time is getting boring.


Austin Aries is in William Regal’s office. He tells Regal he didn’t come to NXT to just be another guy, he wants to prove he’s a difference maker and that he’s not just good, he’s great.

But Aries is interrupted by Blake and Murphy, begging Regal for one more tag title match. Aries isn’t happy it, the disrespect for barging into Regal’s office, interrupting their conversation and not even having the decency to bring Alexa Bliss with them (though she shows up a second later and Aries replies well now this is a little bearable at least).

Regal tells everyone he has an idea, that next week it will be Blake and Murphy taking on Austin Aries and a partner of his choice. (From what I’ve heard, it isn’t Bobby Roode, so no Dirty Heels in NXT - not yet anyway)


Next, Alexa Bliss takes on Rachel Ellering, I think her first match on NXT TV. They tie up and trade holds but Alexa gets the upper hand and slams Rachel’s arm onto the mat then trash talks to her face. Rachel gets a few near falls with a mahistrol and a roll up but Alexa goes bck to working the arm.

Alexa keeps hold of the arm, using Rachel’s hair to pull her back down to the mat. Rachel hits a few right hands and picks up Alexa on her shoulders but Bliss gets out, grabs the throat and slams Rachel onto the mat, setting her up for the Sparkle Splash and gets the win.


Nia Jax interrupts Bayley while Cathy Kelly asks her when she’s going to get her rematch against Asuka. Nia says when she lost to Bayley she became stronger but when Bayley lost to Asuka, she got weaker. Bayley replies the last time they faced off, she won and Nia lost and that she choked out Nia once and she can do it again

They will face each other next week.


Main event time - Elias Samson out first to take on Finn Balor. Relatively quiet reaction for Balor which is surprising.

Samson uses his size to win the early exchanges, but Balor is quicker and evades Samson, sending him to the floor with a dropkick.

Back from a break (which like, what the fuck - you have all episode to show commercials on the streaming service that you make me pay for then fucking put breaks in the MAIN EVENT MATCH? I get that it’s probably for time constraints, but still, shorten other matches or backstage bullshit, not the main event) Samson is in control in the ring somehow, hitting a vertical suplex for a 2 count.

Samson wrist lock and works over the shoulder of Balor, sends him off the ropes and hits a few forearms. But Balor creates an opening sending Samson to the floor and cracks his jaw with a kick from the apron. Balor hits a slingblade and then a shotgun dropkick. Balor hits the Bloody Sunday (which now being called 1916 in NXT) and gets the win.

Very average/boring match, especially since we didn’t get to see all of it.

After the match, Balor gets the mic and says Samoa Joe beat him, no excuses. He’s not taking anything away from Joe - yet. He wants his rematch. He is obsessed with NXT and with being NXT Champion. But now he’s possessed, like a demon stalking his prey, going after what belongs to him.

Joe’s music hits and the champ walks onto the stage toward the ring. Joe yells at Balor that he deserves nothing and he went through hell to get this belt. Before they can meet each other in the ring, Regal is on the apron between them. He says he makes the decisions around here and on June 8th at Takeover in Full Sail, Balor will face Joe in a championship rematch. Joe says he should have to go to the back of the line but Balor says the line starts and ends with him and Balor hits a tope con hilo over the ropes onto Joe, slamming him onto the ramp. Balor picks up the belt and holds it over Joe saying enjoy it while it lasts because it’s not gonna last long.



At Evolve 61 on May 7, TJ Perkins and Drew Gulak qualified for the Global Cruiserweight Series. TJP defeated Fred Yehi and Gulak defeated his tag team partner Tracy Williams to earn a spot in the tournament.

Zack Sabre Jr and Jack Gallagher qualify for GCS


-Seems like Trips may have jumped the gun a bit announcing ZSJ as being in the tournament, since he had to do this qualifier, which he won unsurprisingly.



WWE posted highlights of the Progress Wrestling GCS qualifying matches (Zack Sabre Jr vs Flash Morgan Webster and Jack Gallagher vs Peter Dunne) on their website. The link below is to the ZSJ match but the Dunne/Gallagher match should autoplay after the first video ends.









Lucha Underground, 4/27

Season 2 Episode 15

Show opens with a recap of the Trios tournament stuff and we see that the cage is already set up around the ring for the Mundo/Cage match for an Aztec medallion.

Striker tells us what happened to Matanza and Mil after they crashed through Dario Cueto’s office roof, well not really, just that they will return to action soon.


Cage out first, followed by Mundo and Taya. I gotta believe that Taya is gonna get involved if she’s allowed to stay, since she’s shown that she’s not afraid to mix it up with Cage.

They start off trading punches and Mundo tries to chop him down with leg kicks but Cage powers through the kicks and backs Mundo into the corner, hammering him and then taking him to the mat with a lariat. Mundo tries to escape early but Cage pulls him back in.

Cage throws Mundo into the sides of the cage as Taya yells at him from ringside. Mundo escapes once and hits the ropes but Cage lifts him overhead and tosses him into the cage. Cage torture rack neckreaker for 2.

Cage throws Mundo into the turnbuckle and locks in a Boston Crab in the ropes. Cage starts to lift himself toward the top but Mundo crotches him on the top rope and Mundo takes over with his speed and kicks. Cage starts to climb the cage in the corner, but Taya takes off her belt and starts whipping at his hands to stop him. And Mundo takes advantage hitting a solo Spanish Fly from the top for a 2 count.

Mundo hits Moonlight Drive from the top rope but takes a few seconds to compose himself before going for the pin and only gets 2. Taya then slides a kendo stick in to Mundo but Cage nearly grabs it and Taya pulls it away. Cage wheelbarrow suplex to Mundo then a bucklebomb and Cage powerbomb Mundo into the cage.

Cage climbs the cage to escape but Taya is there and starts hitting him in the head with the kendo stick until Mundo can pull him back in, then starts wailing on Cage with the kendo stick. Mundo only gets a two count and back on their feet, Cage catches the kendo stick and tries to use it on Mundo, but Johnny is too quick and evades the swings with the help of the ropes and the cage.

Cage distracts Mundo and rams him into the corner then plants him with an Alabama slam. The stick pops up and Cage grabs it, hammers Mundo with it and cracks it over Mundo’s head then breaks it in half over his knee but Mundo kicks out at 2.

Taya starts climbing the cage with a chair as Cage looks to finish off Mundo with Weapon X, but Mundo rolls through with a sunset flip for 2. She throws the chair in and Mundo hits Cage square in the head with it but Cage still kicks out at 2!

Cage is still on his back and Mundo climbs the cage. He’s at the top and could leave but goes for End of the World from the top and Cage moves as Mundo hits the mat. As Cage looks to exit, Taya cross body onto him from the top of the cage and starts putting the boots to him. Mundo starts stomping Cage as well then and they hit him with a MAgic Killer and Taya covers Cage with Mundo and Cage still kicks out at 2!

Taya takes handcuffs out of her boots and they drag Cage to the ropes to try and cuff him to the ropes but Cage manages to trap Taya in the cuffs. Mundo sets up to hit Cage with the chair but Cage moves and Mundo smashes Taya instead. Cage picks up Mundo and hits a Steiner Screwdriver on a chair in the middle of the ring to get the win and the medallion!


The next match is the Trios tournament final elimination match. But before Melissa can announce the competitors, Dario Cueto interrupts her, saying he has breaking news. He says he doesn’t have all the details but Angelico has had an unfortunate accident, but the match will go on and Ivelisse and Son of Havoc will defend their belts on their own.


Jack Evans, PJ Black and Fenix out first, followed by Joey Ryan and the Crew and Rey Mysterio, El Dragon Azteca Jr and Prince Puma. The champs hit the ring last but are a man down.

Gonna work like a four corner match with four people in at a time. Gotta imagine it’s gonna break down fast with so many people in the mix.

Really hard to keep track of this match with so much going on and so many wrestlers involved. Strange alliances happening as different team members work together to work over their opponents.

The Crew starts to work over Havoc in their corner but Dragon and PJ Black distract him, giving Havoc a chance to rest. Havoc hits a double back elbow on the Crew and finally tags in Ivelisse and she and Joey Ryan start fighting outside.

Fenix andDragon take out a crowd on the floor and when Puma goes for a springboard, Black blocks him and hits a tope con hilo. Rey splash from the top to the floor, Puma splash and Havoc handspring backflip over the ropes. Ivelisse is the last person in the ring and sets up for a dive but Joey Ryan cuts her off, trying to act all sexy. She slaps him and Joey grabs her by the throat but Ivelisse start kicking and slapping the shit out of Joey and German suplex onto Ryan. Castro tags in and brainbuster on Ivelisse.

Joey begs to be tagged in and finish off Ivelisse. Castro thinks about it but ultimately says no then goes to pin Ivelisse but she rolls him up instead and Joey Ryan and The Crew are eliminated.


Ivelisse finally tags out to Havoc who goes to work against Jack and Puma. Havoc stomp Puma in the back from the top then standing moonsault for 2. Ivelisse back in and Jack starts working her over, but she fights back and Havoc sets up for a shooting star but Fenix knocks him off the top. Ivelisse sunset flip powerbomb but Black breaks it up with a superkick, rolls Jack onto Ivelisse and the champs are eliminated!


Down to two teams - Black, Evans and Fenix against Puma, Rey and Dragon. Dragon against Fenxi and holding his own but Fenix is able to counter him easily, being a former champion. But Dragon doesn't give up and hits a crazy satellite DDT. Goes for it again but Fenix throws him up into a superkick and both are down.

Puma modified GTS on Black (more like a modified Benedryller) and then heads up top and hits Black with a 630. Evans in the ring and Rey comes in to head him off. The ref stops Rey and Evans kicks Puma low, allowing Black a chance to tag out to Jack.

Jack tells Black and Fenix to hold Puma but they miscommunicate and Jack kicks Fenix in the face, allowing Puma to get to his corner. Rey leaping rana to Jack and head scissors Black to the floor. Rey springboard cross body on Jack and sets up for a 619. Puma throws Dragon into a tornado DDT on Jack and Puma and Dragon stereo tope to the floor. Rey hits a sitout moonsault on Jack and Rey, Puma and Dragon are the new Trios champions!


As the episode ends, we’re in a dark warehouse which has a vaguely Japanese/Asian feel to it. A figure in a hooded robe walks past a display of swords and a banner, and it turns out to be Master Vampiro who calls for Pentagon Jr.

From the darkness, Pentagon enters on a motorized wheelchair. Vampiro tells him to get up and Pentagon tries but doesn’t seem to be able to. Vampiro pours hot wax on him from a burning candle and screams at Pentagon to get up, who struggles to get out of the chair then falls on his face.

Vampiro tells Pentagon he is weak and leaves him on the floor with the candle burning next to him.





Lucha Underground, 5/4

Season 2, Episode 16

Recap of the Aztec medallion winners so far - Texano, Aerostar, and Cage. Following that, a recap of Sexy Star’s quest for revenge against MArty the Moth and Mariposa.


As the show opens, Dario Cueto is in his office inspecting the repaired roof of his office and Catrina walks in (probably the first time I’ve ever seen her use a door). Catrina says that Mil Muertes almost destroyed his brother, but he says she has it backwards - Matanza almost destroyed Mil Muertes. She says his brother was lucky to escape with his title and Cueto replies, that’s the key word, his title, and no one is gonna take it from him.

Catrina says Cueto fears Mil, as he should, and if he denies him a title rematch, it will take more than fear to protect him, but Cueto just laughs at her. He says Mil is scary, yes, but Matanza fears nothing. Whatever power she possesses in the rock of hers, is nothing compared to the power that his key unlocks.

And to prove how little fear he has of Mil, he says that next week Mil can have a rematch in his signature match - Grave Consequences! Catrina says Cueto is braver than he thought and that they accept. But Cueto wants to raise the stakes - why have one coffin when you can have four? Graver Consequences?!


Tonight, Striker says is all about the Gift of the Gods and every match will be for an Aztec medallion. In the first match, Marty the Moth is in the ring creeping out Melissa Santos as she announces him and his opponent, The Mack.

The match starts quick as MArty tries to escape the ring but MAck tope con hilo on him at the bell. Mack standing suplex, float over and into a Northern Lights with a bridge for 2, then a release German suplex, but MArty is smiling and laughing.

Mack slaps Marty in the face and Mack whips him in but MArty drop kick to the face. Marty drags Mack by the face to the corner and stomps away on him. Marty exploder into the corner and Marty gets a 2 count.

Mack drops the leg then hits a Stunner on Marty. Marty stays on his feet so Mack picks him up in an airplane spin then drops him with another Stunner and gets the 3 count and wins a medallion.


In the locker room, Catrina tells King Cuerno that next week when Mil regains the championship, it will not be Cuerno entrusted with the Gift of the Gods, it will be her disciples, Sinestro de la Muerte.

But Cuerno says no, tonight her disciple will be his prey since he stands in the way of winning an Aztec medallion. And if Mil does get the championship back, he won’t make the same mistake as last time. He will win the championship and Mil’s carcass will be the most prized possession in his trophy room.


As Dario Cueto sits at his desk, Sexy Star knocks and enters the office. Cueto says they haven’t always gotten along, but he does respect her. He doesn’t know what’s happened to her but he knows it’s something very bad because he’s seen the change in her eyes.

He’s seen the look before, in the mirror. He says his mother was an evil bitch, he and his brother were captives to her sick and twisted desires. The only way to stop their mother from torturing them was to stand up and say no more.

Whatever Mariposa did to Sexy, tonight is her chance to say no more. Not only will it be a chance to win a medallion but also to make Mariposa pay dearly. He asks if she’d like that and Sexy says yes. Cueto says the pain Mariposa inflicted on her, it will be her turn to give it back until Mariposa says “no mas.” A no mas match (an I Quit match) and Cueto tells her that when Mariposa gives up to not stop until Mariposa is the one with terror in her eyes.


In the next match, Sinestro de la Muerte is in the ring with Catrina waiting to take on King Cuerno.

Cuerno starts fast with a dropkick backing Sinestro into the corner and stomping on him. Cuerno sends him off the ropes for a big dropkick and Cuerno gets a 1. Cuerno drops him with a cutter for a 2 count.

Been all Cuerno so far who hits a big chop and then a running rana and sets up for the Arrow From the Depths of Hell, but Catrina hits Cuerno in the face with the stone then Sinestro springboard and drops a leg on the back on Cuerno’s head for the 3 count.

Catrina sets up for a Lick of Death but she smashes him in the face again with the stone.


Next we’re in the locker room where Mascarita Sagrada works out and Famous B walks in. He says he hopes Sagrada is ready because he just set up the match of the century for him, and after he wins, he’s gonna be famous. This guy already has an Aztec medallion and has agreed to put it on the line against Sagrada.


Chavo Guerrero walks into Cueto’s office, upset he doesn’t have a match for a medallion. Cueto says it’s because he doesn’t think he deserves one. He got hurt in a match for the LU championship and been in Aztec Warfare twice and lost both so he’s done giving Chavo opportunities.

Chavo says “You want me seize the opportunity, huh? No problem” and walks out.


As Melissa Santos announces the next match, Famous B interrupts her and Melissa looks pretty annoyed about it. He says he’s been getting blown up from all over the world, people calling 423-Get-Fame and hands out a business card to a fan. And B announces Mascarita Sagrada heading to the ring next with his lady Brenda.

And Melissa announces Mascarita’s opponent - Cage! Not a very good deal that B has gotten for Mascarita who is praying in the corner as Cage makes his way to the ring.

Mascarita goes for a single leg but Cage kicks him off easily. Mascarita avoids Cage and kicks him in the leg a few times but Cage looks more annoyed than anything. Mascarita hits the ropes and satellite into a sleeper. Mascarita trips Cage into the corner but then easily catches him in a cross body. Cage says he’s sorry and points to B saying it’s his fault then flings Mascarita through the air with an F5 and gets the pin.

Famous B and Brenda get in the ring to check on Mascarita as Cage kneels down to check on him as well. Out of nowhere, Chavo sneaks in the ring, steals the medallion from the ref and runs out as B casually tells Cage “You got robbed.” Cage is confused since he won the match and B says “No, you got robbed!” and points to Chavo who runs away as Cage chases after him.


Main event time - no mas match for an Aztec medallion between Mariposa and Sexy Star. They lock up early, and Sexy sends Mariposa into the ropes but Mari shoulder tackle down. Mari drops the elbow in the center of the ring then hammers with punches and grinds Sexy’s face into the mat.

Mariposa chops in the corner and lands a few gut shots. Mari chokes her with her boot and the ref asks her but Sexy doesn’t quit. Sexy counters a whip into the corner and uses the ropes to land her whole body weight on Mari in the corner and then stomps away on her.

Sexy series of vertical suplexes and then rolls her into a single leg crab. Mari doesn’t give up though. Mari reverses Sexy and locks up her legs, kicking Sexy in the back but she doesn’t give. Sexy makes it to the ropes but there’s no breaks in this match.

They go to the outside and Sexy off the apron lands ass first on Mari’s chest and hammers down punches. But Mari reverses Sexy and sends her into the guardrail and then Mari chokes her with a chair. Mari piles chairs on Sexy and then throws chairs at her. But back on her feet, Sexy sends Mari into the guardrail, sets up a chair between her legs and then smashes it with another chair (to which Striker calls “Steely Dan” and I lol).

Sexy locks in a choke on the floor but only briefly as she starts punching away again and then kicks Mari downstairs. But Mari stuns Sexy by ramming her face into the railing on the stairs and then starts to drag Sexy up the stairs on her back. At the top of the steps, Mari locks up Sexy with her legs and starts ripping away at the mask of Sexy.

Mari pulls Sexy by the hair around the top of the Temple and starts shoving fans out of the way to get up onto the railing and Sexy pushes her off onto the roof of the room behind the announce table and begins scaling the wall, up into the lighting rig, but Mariposa follows her.

They trade a few punches and then Mari starts to choke Sexy on a railing up on a narrow cross walk, above the lights. Mari pushes Sexy’s legs through the rails and still chokes and Sexy’s legs dangle off the cross walk. Sexy is pouring blood as Mari rakes her wrist gauntlets on the cut. But Sexy continues to fight and tries to make some space between them and starts to climb back down to that small roof above the table.

Sexy tries to compose herself, despite being busted open big time, as Mari follows her. Then we see Marty the moth climbing up to the roof. Sexy is startled when she sees Marty and he boots her in the stomach. Marty smashes a gate into Sexy’s head but then the Mack comes out of the crowd to take out Marty.

Sexy and Mari start to fight into the crowd and back toward the ring, neither wanting to give up. Sexy wheelbarrow into Mari but Mari catches her and starts to ram Sexy into the announce table. But when Mari goes to pick up Sexy, she upkicks her in the face then smashes Mari with a metal trash can. Sexy puts the can on her head and kicks it a few times and stomps on it with Mari inside.

They fight back into the ring and Mari sets up for Butterfly Effect but Sexy gets out and kicks Mari a few times in the midsection. Mari hits a big clothesline and then wraps up Sexy’s leg in a submission and when the ref asks her if she wants to quit, Sexy yells “Fuck you! Fuck you, Mariposa!” and the crowd loses it. Sexy kicks Mari low and leaps onto Mari’s back with a sleeper. Mari nearly goes out but MArty hits the ring and double axe handle to the back of Sexy to release the hold.

Marty smears Sexy’s blood on his face but she ducks a line from him and Mack is back and takes out Marty with a Stunner. Sexy grabs a punch from Mari and takes her over in a cross arm breaker and though Mari fights for a few moments she’s forced to say no mas! Sexy keeps the hold locked in as the crowd goes nuts. The ref tries to tell her to break it and Sexy releases it to push the ref away and then locks the arm breaker on Mari again.

Sexy picks up Mari and throws her out of the ring and collapses on the mat as The Mack is there to help her to her feet and gives her an Aztec medallion.







Lucha Underground, 5/11

Season 2, Episode 17

Dario Cueto walks into what appears to be an upscale bar or a club and walks up to the bar. Councilman Delgado is behind the bar and tells Cueto he’s late. Delgado asks if he has “it” and Cueto hands him an envelope that appears to be stuffed full of money. He says it’s all there and Delgado replies that his employer will be pleased.

Cueto gets up to leave, saying he’s out of Delgado’s employer’s service, but he grabs Cueto’s arm before he can leave, saying what’s the rush and nods to sit back down. Delgado tells him he’s getting sloppy and that the police have opened up an investigation on him and the Temple, and that they probably already have someone on the inside. Cueto tries to hide his emotion you can tell he’s worried and replies that he would know if they had someone inside.

Delgado reminds Cueto the Temple is very important to his employer. That when his “something” is complete, he’s coming to the Temple (couldn’t make out the word - sounds like “dissection” or “dissension” but neither of those make sense). Cueto looks even more worried now and Delgado can tell, saying “What, did you think your brother was going to have all the fun?”


In the first match of the night, The Crew explodes as and Aztec medallion is on the line, where Mr Cisco, Cortez Castro and Joey Ryan face off.

Castro and Cisco gang up on Joey Ryan early before turning on each other. Joey Ryan comes back in and surprises Castro with a roll up, holding the tights and gets the pin! Ryan puts the medallion down his trunks and walks off.


Mil Muertes in his entrance gear appears to be praying silently before an altar as Catrina walks up behind him. She says she’s been waiting for this moment for 197 years, so yeah, she’s pretty much a ghost. A long time to be a prisoner of darkness, she says.

She leans down to Mil, saying he spent only days in his mausoleum of stone and rubble before she guided him to safety. As a man, he spent weeks roaming the underworld, until she freed him from death’s grip, and made him more powerful than ever. Locking him in the coffin and bringing him back from the dead was all part of her plan (the first Grave Consequences).

But not tonight, she says. Tonight when he brings Matanza to his knees and break every bone in his body before he closes the lid to the coffin, she wants him to watch as she gives the lick of death to the monster, to the face of a god. It will make them immortal.

After they leave, King Cuerno emerges from behind the altar, stalking his prey.


In the next match, the new Trios champions (Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma and Dragon Azteca Jr) defend the titles against Son of Havoc and Ivelisse and a new partner assigned by Cueto, Johnny Mundo.

Ivelisse starts with Dragon, trading holds and they are pretty evenly matched. Ivelisse seems to tweak an ankle on a kip up and Dragon holds back, not taking advantage of the opening and he tags in Rey while Ivelisse tags in Son of Havoc.

They tie up and Havoc sends Rey off the ropes, trips him up and gets a 2 off a standing moonsault. Rey with a 2 from a rana. They catch kicks from each other and agree to put the other’s leg down, showing respect. Mundo tags himself in and Puma wants in the match and this rivalry continues.

Mundo flips Puma up and over the ropes to the floor where Taya starts to stomp Puma until Ivelisse pulls her off of him. They start arguing and Mundo takes over in the ring. Mundo pretends to reach for a tag from Ivelisse but gives her the finger instead. Puma hits an enzi and Mundo tags Havoc and Dragon in on the other side.

Dragon lucha arm drag from the top for 2. Havoc pump kick and rebound off the ropes for a cutter for 2. Mundo wants in the match but he tags Ivelisse instead. Havoc double stomp and Ivelisse for two. Ivelisse tags Havoc and Taya is upset that no one is tagging Mundo.

Dragon finally tags Rey and he gets a 2 on a victory roll. Rey sets up for a 619 but Ivelisse trips him up on the rebound. Ivelisse on the apron takes a swing at Rey and Mundo springboard off the ropes tries to blindside Rey but knocks out Ivelisse instead.

Dragon rana Mundo into the guard rail on the floor as Havoc evades a 619 in the ring. But Rey easily hits a rana to put HAvoc back in position and nails a 619, tags Puma for the 630 and the champs retain the titles.

Taya and Ivelisses continue arguing after the match is over and that’s a feud I would like to see continue. Could even do mixed tags (Taya/Mundo vs Ivelisse/Havoc) and trios matches with Evans and Angelico. As Ivelisse goes to check on Havoc, Taya sneaks up behind her and slams her face into the mat over and over, then mounts her and rains down punches. The crowd hates it but Mundo likes what he sees.


Main event time - Graver Consequences for the Lucha Underground championship.

Catrina leads Mil to the ring first after the Faces of Death set up the coffins at ringside. Dario Cueto leads his brother, the monster Matanza, the LU Champion to the ring next.

Mil attacks first at the bell, backing Matanza into the corner and hammering on him but Matanza doesn’t back down, reverses a whip into a German suplex. Matanza throws Mil over the top and he lands hard on a coffin.

Matanza clears the crowd and Catrina breaks a wooden chair over his back. It has no effect on him though and he grabs her by the neck. Mil crashes into Matanza from nowhere with a spear, into the chairs in the emptied section of the crowd.

Earlier, Matanza put two coffins next to each other (length-wise) and now Mil adds a third. Matanza surprises him, slamming Mil’s head into a coffin several times then powerbombs him Mil onto them. Matanza then goes to work loosening a turnbuckle, but Mil is back up and superman punch to Matanza, and smashes his head into the post.

They’re exchanging punches on the apron and Mil catches one, sending Matanza backwards onto the coffins with a flatliner! Mil drags a coffin into the ring with one hand and leans it in the corner. But Dario grabs Mil’s leg to distract him and Mil grips him up, pulling him from the floor to the apron. Matanza blindsides Mil and hits several gutwrench suplexes. But Mil flips out of the last one and hits a spear.

Mil finishes taking off the turnbuckle and now brandishes the steel hook, looking to smash Matanza with it. But Matanza grabs the hook and hits Mil with it. Matanza tears open the mask of Mil Muertes and uses the hook again to smash Mil in the head, busting him open.

Mil chokeslam Matanza on the coffin in the ring. Dario tries to talk his brother back into the match as Mil gets what appears to be a chainmail glove from under the ring and puts it on. Mil smashes it into the face of Matanza several times but Matanza is still crawling around the ring. Mil winds up for another blow and Matanza low blow stuns Mil then lariat to the back of Mil’s head.

Matanza tears the lid off the coffin in the ring and throws it to the floor. Matanza rolls Mil tot he floor and then flips the broken coffin to the floor. Matanza hammers Mil on the floor and puts Mil in a coffin and tries to shut the lid but Mil holds it open. Then Mil smashes through the lid with his chainmail handglove and chokes Matanza!

They continue to battle on the outside. Matanza leans a coffin against the apron and Mil hits him in the head with the ring bell. Dario tries to will Matanza to his feet with the key and Catrina slaps Dario! But then from behind, Matanza hits Catrina in the back with a chair! And Matanza has taken the stone and puts it into the coffin he leaned on the ring and closes the lid.

Mil struggles to pull another coffin into the ring as Matanza lifts up an unconscious Catrina and puts her in the coffin with the stone. Mil sees this a dives through the ropes onto Matanza, hammering him into the floor. Mil pulls the final coffin into the ring and powerslam Matanza. Mil puts him in the coffin and tries to shut the lid but Matanza refuses to give up.

Mil punches Matanza in the coffin but Matanza stuns him with a big shot. Matanza powerbombs Mil onto the coffin, then Wrath of the Gods into the coffin and Matanza slams the lid, retaining the title! The crowd erupts in boos as Dario awards the title to Matanza. Dario opens the coffin with Catrina in it but it’s now empty.

The Faces of Death take Mil away in the coffin and as they walk out, one of them removes his hooded robe to reveal that King Cuerno is taking Mil away.


As the episode ends, Councilman Delgado is in a dark alleyway. A limo pulls up and the driver leads Delgado to the back. Delgado asks “How’s his mood?” and the driver replies “Depends on what you have to tell him.”

Delgado pulls out the envelope Dario gave him, saying “Here’s the money - 50k”. Suddenly the window to the front seats rolls up and the lights go out and Delgado looks worried.

Delgado says he’s told Dario to prepare the temple for his arrival and that he’s starting to believe that his brother is the most powerful person walking the earth. But Delgado says he told him, “This is not true, because you are, my lord.” But all we see of Delgado’s boss is a hand in a leather glove, lighting a cigar.


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