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Wednesday Wrestling Minutes, March 6

Posted on March 6, 2016 at 10:20 PM

NXT, 2/24

American Alpha opens NXT TV this week, taking on Blake and Murphy. American Alpha’s new singlets aren’t bad. I like the design, busy with shapes on one side but flat black on the other and it’s opposite on each guy (reminiscent of the Usos facepaint being on opposite sides on their faces). Not crazy about the color scheme on the shapes though.

Very even match early on. Usually Gable and Jordan dominate but Blake and Murphy are holding their own. Blake and Murphy try to double team Gable but they still can’t get an advantage and Gable calls in Jordan and they hit a double dropkick.

BAMF use a series of misdirections to get an advantage over Gable and start to work him over as Jordan tries to cheer on his partner from the corner. BAMF doing everything they can to keep Gable away from his corner but once Jordan gets in he starts to throw around Blake and Murphy with ease. After a few belly to belly overheads, Jordan and Gable pick up the win.


William Regal discusses the main event of last week. He says in two weeks, Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn will face each other in a 2 out of 3 falls contest to determine a #1 contender. But also announces that next week, they will be adding a huge new addition to the NXT roster (A Double?)


Apollo Crews out next to take on Christopher Girard (aka Biff Busick!) And Biff actually gets an entrance with music.

Biff comes at Apollo quickly but Crews is quick and dodges his strikes and hammers him into the corner, shoots him off the ropes and lands a dropkick. Biff fights backs with a series of European uppercuts and a running uppercut off the ropes for 1.

Biff locks in a chinlock and really grinds it into Apollo. He takes Crews over with the lock and really wrenches back on it, but Crews won’t tap. Crews powers to his feet and leaps backward, landing on Biff to finally break the hold. And Crews goes to work, landing a quick series of strikes.

Biff keeps fighting but Crews is too powerful and shrugs off the strikes of Biff to land that powerbomb for the win.


Security cam footage of Enzo Amore being assaulted outside the WWEPC by Dash and Dawson before it’s broken up by Colin Cassady.


Tommaso Ciampa out next to take on Bull Dempsey (in Bull’s last NXT match). Bull’s gimmick has devolved into fat jokes even more now, since he’s so fat he can’t even get his t-shirt off and needs the ref’s help.

Bull makes Ciampa do jumping jacks with him and then lands a moves but it isn’t long before Ciampa takes control, working over Bull’ shoulder. Ciampa makes Bull tap out to a bridging arm bar.

It seems like Ciampa is getting a better look in NXT than Gargano. Ciampa gets wins and gets to look convincing going over, whereas Johnny usually does most of the work in his matches, but then does the job.


Samoa Joe talks about Regal’s announcement. He says he’s not surprised, he’s been jumping through hoops since he got to NXT - even though, to him, NXT is only hot because of him. Joe says 2 out of 3 falls is a shame - a shame for Sami Zayn who has to suffer twice the punishment from Joe.


Sami Zayn talks to Rich Brennan about the 2 out of 3 falls match. He says he’s ready, spent a lot of time on the sidelines to get ready and he knows what it takes to survive a 2 of 3 match. And he has tunnel vision to become the first two-time NXT Champ.


Main event time - Nia Jax and Eva Marie vs BayMella. And Carmella starts the match going right into several Thesz presses against Eva, one of the few moves she does. Doesn’t she know how to tie up? This is a main event match, right? Carmella’s offense is just a hair above cat-fighting, which is pretty sad.

But once Bayley gets in, Eva makes quick tag to Nia. Nia easily handles both Carms and Bayley but whenever Eva tags in, things go downhill.

Nia and Eva start to isolate Carmella in their corner, keeping her from tagging Bayley. But she finally gets back in and easily takes it to Eva. Bayley hits Belly to BAyley but Nia pulls her off and headbutts Bayley. Bayley is stunned and has to tag out to Carmella, who puts Eva in the figure four choke but Nia breaks it up as well.

Nia drags Eva to their corner so she can tag in, lands 3 leg drops on Carmella and on the last one, Eva tags herself in and gets the pin on Carmella (since Bayley I guess was knocked out from one headbutt).

Kinda surprised that Nia isn’t upset that Eva stole the glory, getting the pin even though she did all the work.


As the episode ends, Finn Balor and William Regal end the episode. Regal talks to Finn about his record is approaching the all time longest and says there’s a debate about who is the greatest NXT champ of all time. So next week, Regal has arranged for Balor to face the man who holds the record for longest NXT championship reign - Adrian Neville.

WWE formally announces “Global Cruiserweight Series”

-To debut July 13 at 9pm (after NXT)

-32 of the greatest in-ring competitors under 205 lbs.

-"I would say the vast majority [of talents on the series] will be non-contracted or long-term contracted WWE talents, " explains Levesque. “I'm certainly looking at the vast majority from being from the outside [of WWE.] When I say Global, I mean Global. We are recruiting from everywhere. UK, Japan, China, to find the best talent.”


Enuhito (via Tokyo Sports) mentioned the possibility of Ibushi in the Global Cruiserweight Series. Now his desire to be independent kinda makes sense (and also reignites hope he only wants to be independent for the WWE run and will be available for a longer program against Omega down the line)




WWE also announced that Shinsuke Nakamura had officially signed a contract with the company. In the release on WWE.com, it was announced that Nakamura would be debuting over Wrestlemania 32 week at NXT TakeOver: Dallas.




Lucha Underground, S2 E6, 2/24

Episode opens with Pentagon Jr talking to his master. The master says that for years, Ian Hodgekinson hid Vampiro away in his mind, so Vampiro had no choice but to take control. Ian had no idea that Vampiro secretly was running the show and thought he was just a voice in his mind, just his nightmares.

So Vampiro sought out a man who would make Ian’s nightmares a reality. A man who would free Vampiro from Ian’s mind and let him live again. Vampiro says, now together, nothing can stop them - not even her (Catrina).


In the Temple, Jack Evans is already in the ring and when Melissa Santos begins to announce the next match, Jack steals the mic from her. He says sorry Melissa but enough of amateur hour, let a professional handle this. Jack tells everyone to be quiet, the hero they never knew they had is about to speak. He calls himself the best of the best, better than the rest, the Dragonslayer Jack Evans. Says never fear if a dragon should appear and if it’s Drago, he’ll make him his bitch. Then he hands the mic back to Melissa saying, and that's’ how you do your job.

Evans takes on PJ Black.

Jack starts off the match trashtalking and wants PJ to shake his hand who is reluctant but he finally does - and Jack boots him in the gut. Black turns things around quickly though and gets a 2 off a bridging German suplex.

Black uses his size to help him defend against Jack’s offense but eventually Jack’s quickness gets the best of Black and he gets hit hard with a twisting springboard kick. But just then, we see Drago watching the match from the top of the Temple. Drago has an even crazier mask on and starts whirling nunchucks around and Jack is pissed when he sees him.

Jack gets out of the ring and grabs a bottle of water and a chair, drinks some of the water then throws the bottle at Drago. But he’s still in a match against Black, who launches Jack into the air and hits a cutter but only gets 2. The ref moves to put the chair out of the ring and as he does, Drago goes to spit mist at Evans, but he moves and it hits Black instead. Evans backslide with a bridge for the win. Once Black realizes what happened, he’s pretty pissed at Drago.


Before the next match, there’s a weird commercial or infomercial with Famous B talking about how he can turn you from a jobber to a robber. The upload didn’t get all of it so I’m not sure if it was part of the show or just commercial filler.


Back in the ring King Cuerno is ready to take on Killshot. And Cuerno still doesn’t have to defend the Gift of the Gods championship, because Catrina doesn’t want anyone to cash it in on Mil.

Killshot takes control early, sending Cuerno outside and landing a big slingshot corkscrew. But soon, Cuerno lands a stiff superkick and smashes into Killshot with the Arrow From The Depths Of Hell.

After a collision on the apron, both wrestlers barely get back in before the 10 count. They start to trade punches but Cuerno seems to be getting the better. Cuerno goes for a tombstone but Killshot reverses it into an inventive gutbuster, but doesn't go for the pin. He goes up top instead and Cuerno avoids the high risk move and lands Thrill of the Hunt for the win.

Afterward, he picks up Killshot for the Thrill of the Kill, that package tombstone, and turns toward Mil Muertes as he sets up for it. But Killshot fights to get out of the move and just then Fenix runs in and Cuerno runs away at the sight of him.


Next a gauntlet match. Texano is already in the ring and he has to take on The Crew first to get to Chavo Guerrero. Cisco in the match first, at the order of Chavo.

Chavo yells at Cisco to show him what he’s got and when Cisco turns around, Texano superkick knocks him out for the 3. Chavo kicks at Cisco while he’s down and pretends to be the next to enter the match, but it’s just to distract Texano as Cortez sneaks in behind him.

But even the distraction doesn’t help much as Texano easily overwhelms Cortez. After Cortez hits a tornado DDT, he gets a 2 count. But still, Texano isn’t out of it yet and gets a 2 with a mahistrol.

Texano pins Cortez with a sit out powerbomb as Chavo sneaks around the ring, looking to surprise Texano. Chavo hits Texano from behind and then stays on Texano, trying to keep him on the mat. But Texano doesn’t give up and keeps fighting, working back to his feet and using his size and power to beat down Chavo.

Texano goes to suplex Chavo from the apron back in but Cisco begins distracting the ref. Cortez trips Texano and holds his legs down with the bull rope and Chavo lands on Texano and gets the 3. Texano is pissed and chases the Crew away from the ring, who still have the bull rope with them.

Texano seems a little more over with the crowd this season. Getting rid of the leather chaps and cowboy hat was a good move for him.


Dario Cueto and Black Lotus are still at the fake Temple, where we can hear Matanza tearing people apart inside the building. Lotus is starting to get tired of their situation and asks how much longer they have to stay there. Cueto replies that Matanza is out of practice but also that it’s her fault for starting a war and them having to flee in the first place, but then apologizes for putting it so bluntly.

Cueto tells Lotus a story, and says his brother saved his life. Their mother was a wicked woman, who he thought was El Diablo at times. She would hurt Dario and his little brother, until one day he stood up to her and told her no more. But he wasn’t strong enough to back up his words and she came at him with a hot iron and probably would’ve killed him, had his little brother not hit her with that red bull statue (that had been on his desk, which he also holds in his hands).

Cueto’s brother kept hitting her in the back of the head with it until she could never hurt them again. Lotus says that’s terrible but Cueto replies, no, no, for him it’s a happy memory. Because on that day he learned just how much he loves violence.


Catrina walks through the Temple until Pentagon calls out to her. He says Prince Puma humiliated him and he must be taught a lesson. Catrina says fine, go give him one but Pentagon wants her to make a match against Puma instead.

But Catrina says after what he did to Mil, why would she give Pentagon what he wants. He swings on Catrina and they start to fight and surprisingly she’s holding her own (she is a demon after all). Pentagon gets her down and says “Because I could break your arm too” but in an instant, she’s out of his grasp and across the room.

Catrina says if he wants Puma, he can have his match next week. But that putting his hands on her was the biggest mistake he’s ever made.


Next, Johnny Mundo takes on Cage. Mundo slaps Cage in the face right away but it just makes Cage mad and Cage drives him into the corner. They keep brawling and Mundo is able to use his ring positioning to evade Cage and land quick strikes.

Mundo’s quickness lets him stay a few steps ahead of Cage, sending Cage outside, springboard to the top, walks the ropes a bit and corkscrew onto Cage on the floor. Mundo throws Cage into a few barricades and sends him into the ring for a 2 count.

Mundo stays on Cage, hammering with punches and stomps. But Cage powers back into it, getting a 2 count with a sit out Alabama slam. Cage continues to slam Mundo around with big power moves but still can’t keep Mundo down.

Mundo goes for Moonlight Drive but Cage reverses it and lands an F5, that Striker calls a Lucha Destroyer, but Mundo gets his foot on the ropes to break up the pin. Mundo rolls to the apron and Cage goes for a deadlift suplex but Mundo reverses it. Mundo sets up for End of the World and Cage rolls out of the way.

Cage discus lariat and stares down Mil as he takes the straps down. Cage lands a Weapon X but before he can go for the pin Taya Valkyrie shows up and slides a pipe into the ring for Mundo. Taya gets on the apron to distract the ref and Cage as Mundo grabs the pipe. Mundo hammers Cage in the face with the pipe behind the ref’s back and Mundo gets the pin on Cage.

Taya and Mundo stomp Cage who is trying to clear the cobwebs after getting hit in the face. Mundo pulls Cage into the corner as Taya trash talks him then lands a running Knees of Meteora on Cage in the corner, followed by an End of the World from Mundo.


As the episode ends, Sin Carl heads into Catrina’s office. He says the Fenix won’t die and he’s sick of being the hunted by having to carry the Gift of the Gods. Cuerno says broken arm or not, he’s claiming his title match and he wants Mil next week.

Catrina says they had a deal, and Cuerno says too bad. She says unfortunately, next week Cuerno already has a match. Against Fenix. For the Gift of the Gods. Cuerno says no, he has a right to face the LU Champion. But she just says, well that’s too bad.

Cuerno grabs the belt and storms off when Catrina say oh and one more thing, next week will be a ladder match.







New Japan Pro Wrestling

New Japan Cup announced


Round One

March 3, Tokyo (R2, 3/4 - semifinals and finals, 3/12 on New Japan World)

-Tanahashi vs Fale

-Tenzan vs Elgin

-Makabe vs Tama Tonga

-Nagata vs Goto


-Honma vs Kojima

-Yano vs Yujiro

-Ishii vs Evil


-It’s either gonna be Elgin or Tana from one side of the bracket and from the other side I’d be very surprised if Naito doesn’t go to the finals


Jim Ross commentating for NJPW on AXS begins on March 4


Kota Ibushi to leave NJPW and DDT as a full-timer. Will work part time for all promotions. And most surprisingly, will create something called the “Ibushi Wrestling Research Institute.”

(This is a big loss for New Japan. Omega/Ibushi could’ve carried the company for years to come if he was full-time. Sure, Omega and Ibushi will have clashes coming up but if Ibushi isn’t full time, they can’t really build long-term plans with him involved)


Ibushi will return to the ring on March 21 for DDT


Excerpts of an Ibushi interview

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