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Wednesday Wrestling Minutes, article, Feb. 26

Posted on February 26, 2016 at 5:05 PM

Hey RRR fans, this is Joe from Wednesday Wrestling Minutes and guess what - I’m taking over this website! Well, not really. But I am going to be posting more content to the Articles section going forward and this is the beginning of it.

I mentioned it a while ago on the Solid B+ Podcast and I drug my feet on it, but I’m finally gonna start posting my complete Indy Minute/Wednesday Wrestling Minutes notes right here on Ring Rust Radio dot com.

These are the complete notes I take while I watch episodes and what I use to create the Solid B+ Podcast. They might be kinda rough and I hope I didn’t write anything offensive off-handedly, but if you need more Wednesday Wrestling Minute notes, since two thirds of RRR hate anything not WWE and refuse to allot more time to WWM than it already gets, you can check out this weekly WWM article and also don’t forget to check out the Solid B+ Podcast at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/solid-b-plus-podcast.




NXT TV, 2/17

Enzo and Cass out first to get the crowd hype. They were curtain jerking at the NXT house show me and Donny went to at The Tower too. I guess getting them ready for the disappointment they’ll feel once they’re on the main roster? I don’t know if it’s the larger arena they’re in (still at UCF) but the pop for Enzo and Cass felt pretty weak.

They’re teaming with American Alpha in an 8-man tag match. They take on Blake and Murphy and the NXT tag champs Dash and Dawson.

Gable and Dawson start first and Gable quickly outwrestles Dawson and soon after, all 8 guys are in the ring brawling (right to the huge brawl that usually happens in multiman which could’ve been built to but whatever). And of course, the faces win the battle send the heels to the floor.

Back in the ring, Dawson is now in control (somehow) against Gable. We’re in the second segment of this match and somehow only 2 of the 8 people in this match have been legal.

Jordan gets the tag and Cass follows him in and they start clearing house. Cass throws Dawson onto Blake and Murphy. Jordan and Gable hit their finisher but Dawson just barely breaks it up. Gable throws Dash out and Enzo and Cass Rocket Launcher splash on Dawson for the win.


Alex Reyes talks to Deonna Purazzo (enhancement talent getting promo time? Maybe this means she’s getting a more permanent spot in NXT).

Deonna talks about facing Asuka later, the second time they’ve face off, after Asuka knocked her out before. She says Asuka is the most amazing talent she’s ever faced and looks at her first meeting with Asuka as a learning experience. But this is NXT and you have to be ready for anything. True to her word, Emma and Dan Brooke show up.

They say what Deonna needs to learn is some respect. Dana and Emma run NXT and let her know that when Asuka beat them, she was lucky. So if she thinks she can beat Asuka when they couldn’t, she’s even more pathetic than she looks.


Deonna vs Asuka next. I don’t know when or why they started referring to Asuka as the “Empress of Tomorrow” but I don’t really like it. It just feels forced and doesn’t even really make sense.

Asuka lights up Deonna with kicks early, kicking her legs out then followed with more kicks to the chest. Deonna makes and opening and hits the ropes but Asuka is way too quick for her and catches her with a knee bar but Deonna gets the ropes.

Deonna tries to strike with Asuka but Asuka shrugs them off and invites more strikes. Asuka catches Deonna with a kick to the midsection as she comes off the top then goes back to work on the legs, getting an ankle lock.

Deonna manages to transition out of the hold and even fights off an Asuka Lock attempt but Asuka nails her with 2 or 3 spinning backfists, followed by a roundhouse to her head for the 3.


Eva Marie and Nia Jax say they made a statement last week when they attacked Carmella and Bayley. That they were justified in it because if Nia had been cleared for the battle royal, she would’ve been #1 contender. And that Asuka needs to stay out of their business or she’ll wind up like the rest of the Diva’s division - broken. (I think you mean Women’s division, Nia)


“The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger out to the ring next. It’s crazy how over he is. His music ain’t bad either. He takes on “Say It To My Face” Alex Riley.

I give Alex Riley shit but the dude is talented and can get heat for doing almost nothing. He’s got a great physique and his attire/hair and facial hair looks a lot cooler now than before he was injured. Plus, commentary talks about how Riley apparently feels like NXT has turned into a cartoon and none of the people there know what it takes to be a real superstar. And it seems that is the attitude that is turning him into a no-nonsense hard-hitter. All he needed is a little tweak to his character and a little something that really resonates with the crowd, and he could really get back on track in WWE, the way Tyson Kidd turned his career around after time spent in NXT.

Pretty solid back and forth match early on. Dillinger doing his best to work against Riley early on, but Riley keeps Dillinger off balance with some hard strikes and working holds. Out of nowhere, Dillinger rolls him up and gets the three count. Riley looks pretty pissed and will probably come after Dillinger in the coming weeks.


Alex talks to Finn Balor about the #1 contender match but first, Finn talks up Apollo Crews and the effort he put forth in their nontitle match, saying it won’t be the last time Balor and Crews face off.

And as far as the Sami/Joe match, who knows. Both are willing to go to hell and back to be champion. Sami knows what it takes to be champ and Balor knows firsthand how badly Joe wants to be champion. But no matter who wins, Balor will be ready to defend the NXT championship.


Baron Corbin walks into William Regal’s office, telling him it’s not too late to do the right thing - that if the #1 contender match is being restarted, Corbin should be in the match.

But Regal looks pretty annoyed. He says regardless of how Corbin feels, Regal maintains that he lost and is out of the match.

Corbin replies that he’s the type who believes in an eye for an eye, especially when it comes to stealing and walks out. Don’t know if that’s a threat to Regal or the winner of Zayn/Joe but it’s definitely a threat.


Main event time - Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe for the NXT Title #1 contender.

Joe takes control early, winning the technical exchanges while the crowd tries to will him back into the fight. Joe takes a cheap shot on Zayn when they get backed up into the ropes.

Zayn starts to get back into it, using his speed and quickness to evade Joe and use Joe’s aggression against him.

Back from commercial, Joe is back in control, using heavy strikes to keep Zayn on the mat. Every time Zayn tries to get back into it, Joe meets it with a bigger strike or a powerful slam.

But Sami keeps fighting and eventually stuns Joe with a Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. But Joe comes back, lands a big boot followed by a standing senton for 2.

Sami catches Joe running in with an exploder into the corner then sets up for the Helluva Kick but Joe catches Zayn this time, with the Kokina Clutch and backs himself into the corner so Zayn can’t reverse it. The ref gives Joe the 5 count but by the time he lets go, Zayn is limp on the mat and it seems the damage may have been done.

Joe lifts up Zayn to his feet then puts him on top, setting up for the Muscle Buster. But Sami frees himself and as Joe steadies himself in the corner and when he turns around, he’s greeted with a Helluva Kick by Sami! Sami falls on Joe, both clearly spent after a hard-hitting match, but as the ref starts his count, Joe’s arm falls over Sami’s shoulder and Sami’s other arm is between Joe’s legs, almost like a crucifix.

After the 3 count the bell rings but no announcement is made. The ref stands over the Zayn and Joe, trying to decide who actually pinned who. Both Joe and Zayn raise their hands in victory, but the ref puts both their hands down, explaining to them what happened.

William Regal is at ringside conferring with the ref and if this episode is anything like the triple threat, they’ll talk to each other for a while and the episode will just sort of end. And I guess they loved it so much last time, that’s exactly what they’re doing - they talk for a while, the ref tells Regal both their shoulders were down so it’s a draw and the episode just sort of ends.


WWE formally announces “Global Cruiserweight Series”

-To debut July 13 at 9pm (after NXT)

-32 of the greatest in-ring competitors under 205 lbs.

-"I would say the vast majority [of talents on the series] will be non-contracted or long-term contracted WWE talents, " explains Levesque. “I'm certainly looking at the vast majority from being from the outside [of WWE.] When I say Global, I mean Global. We are recruiting from everywhere. UK, Japan, China, to find the best talent.”


Enuhito (via Tokyo Sports) mentioned the possibility of Kota Ibushi in the Global Cruiserweight Series. Now his desire to be independent kinda makes sense (and also reignites hope he only wants to be independent for the WWE run and will be available for a longer program against Omega down the line)


Shinsuke Nakamura officially joins WWE

WWE also announced that Shinsuke Nakamura had officially signed a contract with the company. In the release on WWE.com, it was announced that Nakamura would be debuting over Wrestlemania 32 week at NXT TakeOver: Dallas.





Lucha Underground

S2 E4, 2/17

The episode opens with a recap of Team Havoc fighting each other on the first episode, leading to Ivelisse challenging Mil Muertes, leading to Prince Puma saving her and Pentagon Jr breaking Mil’s arm.


Ivelisse storms into Catrina’s office. Catrina mocks her “baddest bitch in the building line” and Ivelisse replies she’d still be a champion if her Disciples didn’t screw her. Catrina tells her she should be thankful for the mercy Mil showed her and Ivelisse says she wants to show the same mercy to the Disciples of Death tonight.

But Catrina flatly says no. That there are no automatic rematch clauses in her Temple. If they want to fight the Trios champions, they have to prove their worth. There’s another trio that wants to show their worth and Team Havoc must face them tonight. Ivelisse says it doesn’t matter how many obstacles Catrina puts in their way, they will get the Trios titles back. And after that, Ivelisse will get her hands on Catrina.


Vampiro talks about the main event later, putting Pentagon Jr over strong saying he’s ascending to new heights in Lucha Underground and tonight he will beat the former champion, Prince Puma.


Team Havoc out first to face Chavo Guerrero and The Crew. Angelico starts against Mr Cisco first, hits a few arm drags and then tags in Ivelisse. She lands a big kick and an arm drag of her own, sending Cisco crawling to his corner to tag Cortez Castro. Ivelisse really beating the crap out of Castro, kicking him in the corner and landing several knees to his face for a 2 count.

But once Castro catches her with a strike that stuns her, Chavo wants the tag and starts to work over Ivelisse. But she finally manages to escape and tag in Son of Havoc who goes to work on Chavo, then on Cisco. But as he goes up top, Cortez distracts the ref and Chavo trips Havoc off the top.

Once Angelico is back in, his unqiue striking allows him to take out all three members of the Crew at once and Angelico and Havoc land a tope and springboard moonsault onto Chavo and Cisco outside. Angelico back in, running knee to Cortez and doublestomp from the top rope for the win.

Chavo is pissed at Cisco and Castro after the match, yelling at them in the ring. But then Texano hits the ring with his bull rope wrapped around his fist, takes out Castro and Chavo pushes Cisco into him, then Chavo runs as Texano takes out Cisco.


Next, a video package about Johnny Mundo. As he trains, he shares some facts with the fans (you know, like Tyson Kidd would do).

Fact, Johnny Mundo is the biggest star in Lucha Underground. But he has not been treated like the star that he is. At Ultima Lucha, he was in the opening match. That’s not how stars are supposed to be treated. He’s a main event guy. But fact, he stole the show anyway.

Fact, I should be the LU Champion. I made this promotion what it is. Mundo takes what he wants and he wants to be LU Champion. But there’s this big dumb idiot who thinks he’s a machine standing in his way. Mundo isn’t just a man - he’s the man.


In the locker room, Joey Ryan walks up to Cortez as he sits alone and starts to mess with him. Ryan says “Ouch Reyes, you really took a beating out there.” But Cortez just says “Don’t call me that here” as he continues to ice his shoulder.

Ryan says, you wanna know why I’m a better cop than you? Reyes says no but Ryan tells him anyway. Ryan says it’s cause he gets the job done. It’s their job to convince everyone that they’re luchadores and right now, Cortez is doing a crappy job.

Reyes says if he wants convincing, he can just kick his ass right now. Ryan immediately backs off, saying they’re on the same side. But if he wants some tips on how to wrestle, just watch his first match, up next.

For being undercover, they both sure are talking a lot - loudly and openly - about being police officers, in a giant locker room where anyone could walk in and hear.


Joey Ryan out next, and slathers himself in baby oil, even some down his trunks, and Vampiro is pretty disturbed by what he’s seeing. (And even Ryan’s whole “sleazy” gimmick fits here because he’s playing the part of a pro wrestler so of course he has to use the baby oil liberally.) He’s also got his WSX/TNA “That 70s Guys” disco-inspired theme music.

But Ryan’s first opponent is Cage, and Ryan looks less than thrilled about having to take on the machine in his first match. Cage easily backs up Ryan into the corner at the bell but when the ref breaks it, Ryan throws the lollipop at him for a quick distraction then starts to throw punches. But it doesn’t last long as Cage easily overpowers Ryan.

Ryan evades Cage and Cage rams his shoulder into the post. Ryan arm DDT and continues to focus on the arm. Ryan might be spending too much time trash talking and letting Cage get his wind back. Cage starts to make a comeback but Ryan cuts him off with a powerslam and gets a 2 count.

Ryan ducks a discus lariat and hits a superkick to the face, Cage shrugs it off, rushes in and Ryan superkick to the knee and to the face for 2. But Cage overpowers Ryan and hits a Steiner Screwdriver for the win.

As Cage celebrates, Johnny Mundo crawls in the ring and attacks Cage from behind, spearing him and hammers Cage. Mundo sets up Mundo for the End of the World but Cage back on his feet and lands a Weapon X to put down Mundo.

Cage gets the mic and says Mundo, if you can’t hear them, they’re calling me Cage cause I’m not a man, I’m a machine.


In the next scene, Rey Mysterio is training with El Dragon Azteca Jr. Rey says Dragon has revenge in his heart, and asks if he even knows what they’re preparing for and Dragon simply responds “war.”

Rey says its time he learned the story of his mentor. 25 years ago, Dario Cueto’s father came to Mexico and met El Dragon Azteca and they formed a partnership with one goal - find the descendents of the 7 Aztec tribes and let them do battle again, but this time with honor, as luchadores.

But Cueto Sr. got obsessed with the dark side of the legend, wanting to appease the old gods and make sacrifices to them. Some even say he sacrificed his own young son and let an ancient god inhabit his body (Matanza). They parted ways, making a treaty to never set foot in the other’s domain again and sealedt he treaty with dark magic.

Rey tells Jr that Dragon knew what he was sacrificing by entering the Temple, so don’t go looking for revenge. Jr asks what he’s looking for then. Rey says something that’s been called impossible - a way to unite the 7 tribes,


Back in the Temple, as Mil watches from his throne, Striker announces next week, Cage vs Mundo.


But it’s main event time now - Prince Puma vs Pentagon Jr. The first LU champ stares down Mil Muertes as he enters the ring, waiting for Pentagon.

They start quickly but neither can maintain an advantage. Puma sends Pentagon outside with a dropkick and rebounds into the center of the ring with a huge backflip but then Pentagon pulls him out and they brawl, where Pentagon has the advantage.

Puma eats several big chops from Pentagon but then turns the tide with a big cutter. Puma lands a huge moonsault over the ropes to the floor on Pentagon and gets a 2 count. Pentagon sent into the corner and floats over Puma and transitions into a backstabber for 2. Puma tries to get something going, springboarding into a moonsault, but Pentagon dropkick into the midsection ends the momentum shift.

Pentagon seems a step ahead of Puma as the match goes on and sets up for a Package Piledriver but Puma escapes. He lands a northern lights and floats into a deadlift suplex for 2. Puma springboard 450 but Pentagon gets the knees up and cradle for 2.

This whole match, Vampiro has been very complimentary of Pentagon, even though the past few weeks he’s been very evasive when regarding Pentagon. Could the conditioning he went through at the mental institute be wearing off?

Again, Pentagon sets up for the Package Piledriver and actually lands it but Pentagon doesn’t go for the pin. He locks Puma in a surfboard instead, immediately letting go of the arms to pulls back on the head and neck. Pentagon leans Puma’s shoulders onto the mat and the ref starts counting. Both men’s shoulders are down and Puma bridges onto his neck at 2 and the ref counts 3 and calls for the bell. Pentagon thinks he’s won but the ref raises Puma’s arm instead!

Pentagon is furious and superkicks Marty Elias. Pentagon goes after Puma but Puma big enzuigiri and sets up to break Pentagon’s arm. Both Vampiro and Mil Muertes get on their feet at the sight, but Puma leans in close, says something to Pentagon and lets him go. Vampiro sits back down, looking disappointed or maybe ashamed at what just happened.


In the final scene, Sexy Star races down a hallway in the Temple, seemingly disoriented. She runs into The Mack. He asks her what’s wrong, who did this to you, since she’s clearly been roughed up badly. She finally manages to catch her breath and says “Moth.” Mack replies that he’s gonna get Marty but then Star says, pointing behind Mack, “Not him...her.” But the episode ends before we see who she’s pointing at (obviously Marty’s sister, but we don’t get a shot of her yet).


Lucha Underground going on the road

-At SXSW on March 15 in Austin, TX

-15 LU luchadores appearing



Ring of Honor

ROH TV, 2/17

The first match this week is the final, first round Top Prospect Tournament match opens the show, Jason Kincaid vs Lio Rush. Kindcaid has a crazy look to him, huge beard, long braids and looks like he’s seen some shit. Rush on the other hand is really clean cut and a pretty good high flyer.

Kincaid is really smooth in everything he does and using some inventive offense against Rush. Whereas Rush, who has considerably less experience than Kincad, is holding his own and using his considerable quickness to stay in it. Rush has only been wrestling a year but wrestles like he’s been doing it for years.

This match has been pretty exciting in just a short amount of time, with Kincaid pulling off some stuff that you’d never expect from looking at him (like landing a missile dropkick from the opposite corner on Rush as he leaned on the apron or the dive through the ropes into a cutter on Rush). In the end, Rush wins the match to advance with a one man Spanish Fly.

Second round matches are set as Brian Fury vs Action Ortiz and Punisher Martinez vs Lio Rush.


Next, Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser vs Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara. Prince Nana joins Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness on commentary.

Last time Coleman and Ferrara were on ROH TV, they were battling each other in a brutal no DQ match, but now, through the coaching of Prince Nana, Coleman and Ferrara are going to be working on the same team. Nana gave both of them envelopes with “the keys to life” or “the letter of the law” as Nana calls them, and he’s also given an envelope the Donovan Dijack.

Coleman beating down Silas early but Ferrara tags himself in and goes to work on Silas but has less luck against the much bigger Bruiser. Silas and Bruiser working over Ferrara and he finally tags in Coleman.

Ferrara and Coleman seem to be working pretty well but get tripped up right as Coleman sets up for his finisher. Just then, The Boys hit ringside to distract Bruiser and Silas, Ferrara tope into a swinging DDT on Bruiser outside and Coleman Skyslicer (a Rough Ryder pretty much) for the win.


But before the next match can start, BJ Whitmer and Adam Page interrupt the show. He talks about how someone wants to help Steve Corino take out Whitmer. Whitmer says he’s talked to everyone in the back and none of them want to help Steve and says he has no other friends in this business, so whoever he has, just bring him out already.

Corino says one thing he’s learned in this business is to always keep eyes in the back of your head and it turns out it’s Adam Page who wants to take out Whitmer! They start trading blows and Page is going toe to toe with Whitmer. It takes all the refs and security to keep them apart.

Corino just stands by watching as Whitmer’s former protege turns on him. Not sure if Page turned on Whitmer because he felt overlooked lately or if he’s upset about the way that Whitmer has been treating Colby Corino, but one thing seems certain and it’s that The Decade seems done for.


Next match, Mark Briscoe out to face Tim Hughes, aka Brutal Bob Evans Jr. Mark wants to shake but Hughes says Brutal Bob told him to never shake hands. And Mark easily starts to beat down Hughes.

Haven’t been paying attention to any of this. Definition of a filler match. Mark wins with a Froggy Bow.


Main event time, ACH and Matt Sydal vs The Young Bucks. The Bucks start quickly, surprising Sydal and superkick to ACH leading to topes on the outside, but Sydal and ACH come right back quickly.

The Bucks spend a lot of time working over ACH, taking shots at Sydal too to keep him off the apron. ACH eats two superkicks diving through the ropes for a tope and somehow Sydal kicks out of a buckle bomb/kick, cannonball/kick and an assisted swanton.

The Bucks seem to have things well in hand but Sydal gets the knees up on a 450, ACH double stomp to the back on Matt and Sydal shooting star on Matt for the win!


ROH Honor Rising, 2/19

Dalton Castle/Ryusuke Taguchi vs Liger/Sydal

-It doesn’t sound like there’s commentary for these shows. That’s really unfortunate. I wanted to hear Kevin Kelly and Mr Wrestling 3 call the action in Korakuen

-Decent opener

-Sydal pins Castle with an SSP (cause as much as the internet loves Castle, he’s still low man on the totem pole in this match, and Taguchi sure as shit wasn’t gonna eat the pin against gaijin in Japan)


Gedo vs Delirious

-Gedo not quite sure what to make of Delirious, as Delirious enters his stoic, motionless state, waiting to explode in a frenzy when the bell rings. And once the bell rings, Gedo is even more confused

-It’s amazing that Delirious can speak perfect English, but only in Japan

-Usually Gedo is the one using cheap tactics but Delirious is beating him to the punch on the front, for the most part

-Delirious gets the win with a crucifix. We’ll see if this match affects their partnership tomorrow. Looks like they might be alright, as Gedo applauds him, they shake and Gedo raises Delirious’ hand


Frankie Kazarian vs KUSHIDA

-Kaz, the bigger man in the contest, spends most of the earlier moments in control of the IWGP Junior champ

-But Kushida eventually quickens the pace of the match and starts to take over and wins with the Hoverboard Lock


Tomoaki Honma, Moose, Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga, Yujiro Takahashi and Cody Hall)

-Tana spends most of the time getting his shoulder worked over allowing Elgin and Honma to get the big face comebacks, especially since Elgin throws Tana onto people on the outside as one of their big spots

-Moose also gets a surprising amount of good reactions from the “Moose/arm pump” taunt. Moose running up the turnbuckles and springboarding back into a cross body on Hall also gets a huge pop, followed by the spear and Moose pins Cody, helping build Moose toward his match against Okada at the 14th Anniversary show


Katsuyori Shibata and reDRagon vs the ELITE (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks)

-Omega getting in Shibata’s face early, putting the IC belt in his face, but it’s before reDRagon is out and Shibata knows better than to invite a 3-on-1 beatdown

-Shibata has been spending a lot of time going after Omega and totally no-selling the Bucks. Even though he makes a great NEVER champ, I hope he gets put into the IC or HWT program sooner rather than later. Cause he came up with Tana and Nakamura and though he wasn’t wrestling all those years like they were, he’s still not getting any younger.

-Omega pins O’Reilly after they hit a More Bang For Your Fuck on him followed by a One Winged Angel. Omega showed off his crazy strength, picking O’Reilly up in a powerbomb, up to an electric chair, almost losing him, but muscling him up for his finisher.


The Briscoes vs Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows

-Starts off as a pretty standard tag match in the ring but quickly turns into a brawl all around ringside

-I think the Briscoes are starting to get over in Japan, as there was a loud ROH chant for them at the start of the match

-Jay blocked a Gun Stun, hit a neckbreaker and Mark hit a froggy bow, letting Jay pick up the pin against Anderson

-Seems like MAchine Gun and Gallows are getting a good reaction as they leave, even though I can’t hear it because The Briscoes music has to be muted, but I’m seeing a lot of applause


Tetsuya Naito and ROH Champion Jay Lethal vs YOSHI-HASHI and IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada

-EVIL and BUSHI, wearing an all black suits, accompanies Naito to the ring. Naito stops off at commentary to harass Milano, waiting for him to hold the ropes open, laying on the apron until he does, begrudgingly. Maybe that’s why Nagata and the Blue Justice Army are going after Los Ingobernables, because they’re picking on another vet, one they know can’t fight back.

-The two champs start the match in a surprising move. There’s even an American style “Lets go Lethal” chant at the start with a few Wooos as well.

-Yoshi is actually working over Lethal pretty well until he goes to the top and Truth holds his leg. Yoshi kicks him off but then EVIL throws him to the mat. Lethal slides the Book of Truth to Naito who nails Okada with it on the floor as Lethal hits Yoshi with the Lethal Injection for the win.

-After the match, Lethal pretends to be upset with Naito, pointing at him (again, can’t hear becasue they muted the audio for Lethal’s music) but then he extends for a handshake. Naito rears back exaggeratedly like he’s gonna punch Lethal, but then they shake, and Lethal returns the Ingobernables salute. Naito then puts his hat on Lethal and Lethal gives Naito the Book of Truth and they all pose together. House of Ingobernables? Los House of Truth?


ROH TV Title

Roderick Strong (c) vs Tomohiro Ishii

-Todd Sinclair reffing this bout

-Roddy doesnt break clean on the first tie up in the ropes and Ishii is not impressed with Roddy’s chop

-Lots of chants for both guys, but clearly the Japanese fans don’t get the concept of duelling chants, since theyre happening at the same time, trying to yell over each other basically

-Really hard hitting match so far. Roddy is forcing Ishii to wrestle his match and its paying off for Roddy, working over Ishii’s back while absorbing the stiff strikes of the Stone Pitbull

-Roddy is noticably bleeding on his chest from Ishii’s chops

-Holy shit, Roddy went for that back drop suplex on the ring apron, but totally missed the apron and slammed Ishii on the floor

-Roddy gets a close 2 count after a superplex, gutbuster and a Sick Kick

-Ishii is almost energized by the near fall, fighting through Roddy’s strikes and knees, getting a close 2 off a sliding lariat and in a huge upset, pins Roddy with a brainbuster to win the ROH TV Title!

-Kinda ironic that “Roddy vs The World” ends with Roddy losing the title somewhere else in the world than the country he won it in

-This shakes things up for the 14th Anniversary Show. You’d think it would just be a rematch, but Strong vs Fish for the TV title had been set, as well as Ishii vs Goto. Where do they go now? A triple threat match? A fatal fourway? Just split those matches and go Roddy/Ishii, Fish/Goto? If they did the third, they could have Fish be pissed and say it’s just another way that Roddy has been ducking him




Honor Rising, N2, 2/20/16

Jay White vs David Finlay

-Solid technical work early, with Finlay being the aggressor, going after the legs and knees of White, trying to wear him down and grind him into the mat

-Solid match, if not much different than their match at New Beginning. White powered out of a crab from Finlay then later rolled through a suplex into what looked like a small package but White transitioned into a single leg crab, turned it into a full Boston Crab, then really wrenched back on it like a Lion Tamer and made Finlay tap. It almost seemed like White going for what could’ve been a pinfall attempt got a bigger pop than the actual finish itself (since Young Lions almost always win matches with Boston Crabs, in the rare moments they are allowed to win).

-White wants to shake hands afterward but Finlay turns his back and walks away. White seems pretty annoyed by the move and Finlay gives him a little smirk. Setting up some tension before Lion’s Gate?


Delirious and Gedo vs Liger and Matt Sydal

-Gedo and Delirious head to the ring together and Gedo is still just as confused by Delirious as he was on night 1

-They’re holding their own pretty well against Sydal and Liger, who tagged on Night 1. Though Delirious seems to be more out of control than last night, leaving Gedo to do most of the in-ring work, making him easy pickings for the teamwork of Sydal and Liger

-Sydal pins Gedo following a shooting star press


Frankie Kazarian vs Dalton Castle

-Kaz is clearly creeped out by Castle’s antics, in this what I’m pretty sure is a first time meeting

-Pretty even match so far, even though a lot of Kaz’s heel work is being lost in translation and both guys are being cheered. Though people are responding a lot more to Castle’s selling and his suplexes (especially a stalling deadlift german). But the crowd really starts to turn against Kaz after he starts pushing The Boys around.

-In the end, Castle gets the win with a Bang a Rang


Bullet Club (Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, Bad Luck Fale and Tama Tonga) vs Meiyu Tag (Katsuyori Shibata and Hirooki Goto) and reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish)

-Lots of cheering for Anderson in this one, even though BC are perennial heels. They must be clued in that two of the top NJPW gaijin are leaving soon

-BC in control first, they try to end it early, beating down Goto outside and he barely gets back in before the 20 count.

-Back in the ring, Goto continues to get worked over. Shibata eventually breaks up a pin on Goto, but then gives Goto a kick to the back, trying to energize him/telling him to stop sucking. Goto seems pretty annoyed by this and it seems like the feud between old friends and partners may be starting up once again

-Shibata gets the pin, choking out Gallows with a sleeper then finishing him off with a PK

-Afterward, Fale, Tonga and Anderson get in to help up Gallows and the four hug it out in the center of the ring as the crowd chants for Bullet Club. Fale and Tonga bow to Anderson and Gallows and they return it. You can tell Anderson and Gallows are struggling to keep it together as the crowd chants their names and they bow to all four sides of the ring.


Los Ingobernables (Naito and BUSHI) vs Moose and KUSHIDA

-Naito makes it a point to eye up each of the Young Lions as he walks around the ring, before forcing the ref to hold the ropes open for him (the same guy he booted in the face at New Beginning). Naito then makes fun of how badly he’s holding the ropes open, telling him he needs to hold it open higher so he can get in, before finally just stepping through the ropes on his own.

-Moose proves early on that neither BUSHI or Naito is a match for him in the power game, but Naito and BUSHI are much quicker and work together using cheap tactics to keep Moose distracted. Still, Moose proves much more agile than they’re ready for and he tags in KUSHIDA. Ingobernables go to work on him, double and triple teaming him because he made fools of them at New Beginning

-The Moose chant is over big in Japan. But it’s not just the chant, people are really impressed with his athleticism. In the end, Moose pins BUSHI with a spear.


Hiroshi Tanahashi, Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong vs. Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii and YOSHI-HASHI

-Ishii and Roddy get in each others faces right away. Ishii puts the belt right in Roddy’s face which has gotta piss off the former champ

-Elgin starts against Okada and there’s a big Elgin chant with no hint of an Okada chant - wut? Okada can’t match Elgin’s power and it’s been all Big Mike so far

-Elgin pins Yoshi after a buckle bomb and a Liger Bomb. Afterward, Roddy is still trying to egg on Ishii. Ishii gets in the ring to confront Roddy and Roddy takes the belt from him and Ishii lariats him and they start trading punches but it’s broken up by their teammates and young lions


NEVER 6-man tag team titles

Toru Yano and The Briscoes (c) vs The ELITE (Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks)

-Cody Hall accompanies The Elite. Omega is also wearing a New Day tshirt, since Xavier Woods (who he calls Austin Creed, his real name) challenged him for his video game show

-Elite starts quick and its no time at all before Hall is getting involved, holding Yano so Nick can kick him

-Yano getting worked over for a long time. The Elite keeping him isolated in their corner and distracting the ref so Hall can get involved

-Yano shows his cheating is superior, taking off the turnbuckle pad, sending Nick into it and actually using the pad to smash Omega in the face, finally tagging Mark

-Matt and Omega put down the Briscoes with dual Indytakers, followed by a moonsault, swanton and 450 onto Yano and The Elite are the new NEVER openweight 6man champs!


ROH World Title match

Jay Lethal (c) vs Tomoaki Honma

-Lethal still has an Ingobnerables hat with him - is he for real in Los Ingobernables now??

-Honma refuses to shake hands with Lethal.

-Lethal doing well to avoid the Kokeshi and early on, takes the match outside, ramming Honma into the barricades

-Honma is gonna kill himself one of these days, hitting a Kokeshi onto Lethal from the top rope to the floor

-Honma hits a running Kokeshi, a standing Kokeshi then goes up top for the final blow but Lethal barely evades it. Right after this, Lethal moves out of the way of Honma and he nails Todd Sinclair

-This is the cue for BUSHI and EVIL to hit the ring and start working over Honma. Truth has them hold up Honma and he smashes him with the Book of Truth...but you can’t hurt Honma with books! He takes out all 3 with punches but then Naito comes in and kicks Honma low, leading to the Lethal Injection and Lethal retains.

-Though I hoped for Naito to begin a program with Okada for the title, it seems like Los Ingobernables are going after the heavyweight tag belts first.

-Lethal quiets the crowd down and wants Honma to shake his hand, even though literally all of Ingobernables and Truth just got involved Honma’s world title match. Honma really doesn’t want to and looks to the crowd for the answer. He finally does, Only to have Lethal pull Honma’s hand down so BUSHI can spit mist in his face!

-Afterward, Truth announces all the men together as one group and says they’re #1 (but doesn’t give the group a specific name). Then Naito takes the mic and says they’re amigos and announces Lethal as the ROH World champ and that Truth and Lethal are in fact in Los Ingobernables de Japon!


ROH announces that Honor Rising will be highlighted on upcoming episodes of ROH TV


“Fans can see “Honor Rising” for free on upcoming episodes of Ring of Honor Wrestling Television or by subscription at NJPWWorld.com.”



Big Mike/Michael Elgin has reportedly received a 2-year contract with NJPW

-Word is the contract will allow him to wrestle with ROH, PWG and other bookings

-This is stellar news for Elgin, who just a few years ago, was still wondering if he’d ever make it to Japan, which was a goal of his since becoming a pro wrestler

-With the reactions he’s been getting from Japanese fans and his allegiance with Tanahashi, I’d say big things are in store for Elgin in the coming years. Many online have picked him as a frontrunner to win the New Japan Cup this year and earning an NJPW contract helps solidify those theories


New Japan Cup announced

Round One

March 3, Tokyo (R2, 3/4 - semifinals and finals, 3/12)

-Tanahashi vs Fale

-Tenzan vs Elgin

-Makabe vs Tama Tonga

-Nagata vs Goto


-Honma vs Kojima

-Yano vs Yujiro

-Ishii vs Evil


-It’s either gonna be Elgin or Tana from one side of the bracket and from the other side I’d be very surprised if Naito doesn’t go to the finals



Jim Ross commentating for NJPW on AXS begins on March 4


Kota Ibushi to leave NJPW and DDT as a full-timer. Will work part time for all promotions. And most surprisingly, will create something called the “Ibushi Wrestling Research Institute.”

(This is a big loss for New Japan. Omega/Ibushi could’ve carried the company for years to come if he was full-time. Sure, Omega and Ibushi will have clashes coming up but if Ibushi isn’t full time, they can’t really build long-term plans with him involved)


Ibushi will return to the ring on March 21 for DDT


Excerpts of an Ibushi interview




Indy wrestling

Tommy End suffered injuries to both his knees recently. At first it was thought that he tore both MCLs but it’s not as bad as previously thought. From his Instagram “The good news: no meniscus tear, no cruciate ligament damage nor tear, no surgery needed. The bad news: either a small rupture or slight damage to my medialis meaning I will be out for at least three weeks.”



PWG (updated since End won’t be there)

All Star Weekend 12

Night 1, March 4

Chuck Taylor vs Trevor Lee

Chris Hero vs Evil Uno

Trent? vs Drew Galloway

Mark Andrews vs Roderick Strong, non-title

Kyle O’Reilly vs Marty Scurll

Zack Sabre Jr. vs Adam Cole

PWG Tag Team Championship

Matt Sydal and Ricochet vs The Young Bucks


All Star Weekend 12

Night 2, March 5

Chuck Taylor vs Marty Scurll

Mark Andrews vs Evil Uno

Drew Galloway vs Trevor Lee

Matt Sydal and Ricochet vs Chris Hero and JT Dunn (possibly tag team title match)

Trent? vs Adam Cole

reDRagon vs The Young Bucks (possibly tag team title match)

PWG World Championship

Zack Sabre Jr vs Roderick Strong


Also, the first PWG Blu Ray have come out as All Star Weekend 11 is starting to be delivered. Which also means that Lemmy and Bowie are also going to be available in Blu Ray (and obviously everything after that)



House of Hardcore 12

Friday, April 15

Elmcor Center, Corona, NY

Dream match main event

-RVD vs Chris Hero

GHC Tag Team Championship

-Rhino and Tommy Dreamer vs Killer Elite Squad (Lance Hoyt and Davey Boy Smith Jr)

Teacher vs Student

-Sami Callihan vs Billy Gunn

-Eddie Kingston vs Bull James

-Pepper Parks (with Cherry Bomb) vs Colt Cabana

-Deonna Purazzo vs Thea Trinidad

Plus Tony Nese, Brian Myers, Brian Cage, Guido Maritano, Alex Reynolds, The Double Duprees and more


House of Hardcore 13

Saturday, April 16

2300 Arena, Philadelphia, PA

Main Event

-Rhino vs RVD

GHC Tag Team Championship

-Big in USA (Chris Hero and Colt Cabana) vs Killer Elite Squad (Lance Hoyt and Davey Boy Smith Jr) (If Dreamer and Rhino win the belts at HOH12, this will be a three way dance)

Teacher vs Student

-Bull James vs Billy Gunn

-Brian Cage vs Sami Callihan

-Tommy Dreamer vs Pepper Parks (with Cherry Bomb)

-Jade vs Thea Trinidad

Plus Tony Nese, Eddie Kingston, Alex Reynolds, Ben “Action” Ortiz, Team Tremendous, SoCal Val, The Double Duprees and more



Chikara UK tour info


Mike Quackenbush on how he was invited to guest train at the WWEPC



Bull Dempsey (now Bull James, I think) will make his Smash Wrestling debut on March 20

Pentagon Jr makes his AIW debut against Ray Rowe at Gauntlet for the Gold 12



wXw 16 Caract Cup

Trevor Lee making his wXw debut in this year’s 16 Carat Cup


Shane Strickland also making his wXw debut at the 16 Carat Cup


Drew Galloway to replace Daisuke Sekimoto in the 16 Carat Cup



Joey Ryan proposes to Laura James (for reals) in the middle of their match



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